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Tourist Guide Training

Uliss Tourist Guide Training was one of the first trainings offered in the Basque Country.

On the strength of our experience in the field, we provide a Tourist Guide Training designed for beginners who wish to acquire the basics and skills needed to practise this profession.

The Tourist Guide profession

The guide’s tasks are varied and require many qualities, both human and professional.

As true ambassadors for the region, they are helping customers to discover, and must be familiar with all its facets (geographical, historical, cultural and gastronomic) and share their knowledge with enthusiasm.

Diplomacy, pedagogy, stamina, resourcefulness, patience and curiosity are just some of the qualities essential to the profession of guide.

Training objectives

The aim of the training is to give each trainee the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge, to be able to manage on their own in the field, and to learn how to find the information they need to do their job.

Training content

By definition, the job of Tourist Guide requires good cultural knowledge, good communication skills, adaptability and the ability to manage a group.

The content of the course covers all these aspects, covering geography, local history and regional heritage. The training alternates theory and practical work in the field. Trainees are also asked to give oral presentations of their research or prepare tours, either individually or in groups.

How the training runs

To find out more about the programme, dates and running of our Tourist Guide Training, please contact the ULISS Agency.

Practical information


There will be continuous assessment throughout the training to consolidate what has been learnt.


The Uliss Agency does its utmost to make its training courses accessible to a wider audience. Our one-to-one interviews enable us to understand the specific nature of the disability and to determine any adjustments or measures that need to be put in place.

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