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More than 20 years of expertise in reception and event staffing

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Prestigious events with an agency on a human scale

The ULISS Agency was founded in Biarritz in April 2000.

Right from the start, our agency was entrusted with a major event: it recruited and supervised the event staff for the European Summit of Heads of State in October 2000. Our team quickly specialised in the management of professions essential to the smooth running of political, economic, scientific, sporting and touristic events.

ULISS has developed a multilingual guide service in response to growing demand in the tourism sector. Since then, we have provided tourist guide services throughout the Basque Country, the Béarn and the south of the Landes region.

Our clientele has always been very varied, as have the services we are able to offer. As a result, some of the largest companies on the Basque coast now entrust us with the long-term management of their front desk staff.

We have remained close to our long-standing customers. As genuine partners in your events, we pay very close attention to the tasks entrusted to us.

logo Qualiopi du centre de formation de l'Agence Uliss à Biarritz

The Uliss Agency, a Qualiopi-certified training organisation

In an ever-changing market, the ULISS Agency set up a training activity in 2002 aimed at tourism and hospitality professionals.

Our multilingual tourist guide training course, delivered with passion by our trainers, professionalises an essential part of the tourism industry.

Our foreign language courses are aimed at anyone who wants to learn or progress in a language for professional purposes.

We have also devised our own method for team performance and building. This is aimed at companies wishing to improve the management of their staff. This coaching programme is tailored to your specific needs.

The Uliss Agency is in Biarritz and Paris

In September 2020, the agency opened a branch in Paris. We work closely with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Both on the Basque Coast and in the Paris region, we remain true to our working values: always able to react to the changes inherent in the events business with professionalism.

Contact : carte de France avec la localisation des Agences uliss à Biarritz et Paris
Agence Uliss à Biarritz, vue de la Grande Plage
Agence Uliss à Paris, vue du de la Tour Eiffel et du Palais éphémère
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