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Conference Interpreters

High level simultaneous translation for your conferences


ULISS works in collaboration with highly proficient interpreters with extensive experience in simultaneous translation in booths, in consecutive and liaison interpretation. Trained to operate in political, economic and cultural meetings, our professional interpreters work all over Europe.

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A turnkey interpreting service

Interpreting is a highly specific field, so you can count on our expertise ! Our team will study your needs and offer you a service in line with the theme, the expected audience, the type of meeting and the combination of languages required for your event. As a discreet and efficient link between our clients and the interpreters, we manage the collection and transmission of documentation. Attentive to the smooth running of each service, we can, if necessary, set up technical tests with the interpreters before their intervention. We remain available and ready to listen to your needs throughout the event

Logo de l'agence Uliss

Professionalism for all types of events

Symposiums, congresses, board meetings, business meetings, press interviews, etc. Our conference interpreters put their skills to work at a large variety of events. Their experience in a wide range of interpreting fields enables them to adapt with professionalism to technical services on varied topics.

Optional: for a complete, stress-free service, we also offers a host/hostess service for the distribution and collection of conference headsets during the event.

Over the years, our agency has developed a real understanding of the events at which conference interpreters work. We are now in a position to direct you towards professionals in the sector who can help you with the technical installations required for interpreting services (translation booths, transmission equipment, audiovisual equipment, etc.).

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice!

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